Being of Service

“I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.”

~Rabindranath Tagore

As I have been studying Yoga and Shamanism for many years, I have heard much lip service given to service, and I’m not talking about your waitress in the restaurant.  I’m talking about being of service to others, when you are acting on the behalf of others instead of yourself.  This follows our short discussion on ego the other day.  Why is it so important to get over yourself?  Because you are connected to all things.  You are not special because everyone is special.  Being of service is taking this belief into action.  Its knowing, deep in your bones, that you must treat others the way you treat yourself.  Loving kindness, compassion and joy are the guiding principles.  You are not here to take, you are here to give.

This is difficult given that our society drives people to be valued by what they earn and what they own.  This discussion can quickly lead into the problem with capitalism however, this is not the spin I’m wishing to take.  The more important and present question for me is how can one be of service?

The first order of business is before you give to anyone is to give to yourself.  I’m not talking about new gadgets and handbags.  I’m talking about love, kindness, compassion and joy.  I’m talking about cleaning up your river.  In order to be of service to others we need to take a look at who we are, what we stand for, where we can grow, and then do it.  To prevent walking the earth as a wounded healer, you need to take a look at where you have been hurt.  You need to take a look at where you feel afraid, where you have disowned yourself, where you feel like you are not enough.  To need to reclaim this energy that you have given to others, left in the past, left in generations behind you.  You owe this to yourself and the persons that follow you.  You need to stop holding yourself back.

When we reclaim those places we have lost, we are better able to occupy the Now.  The Now is the only place and time we can exist.  This is difficult to accept however, it is the only possibility.  When we let go of our stories that no longer serve us, we are more available to ourselves and the world around us.

What are you carrying around that no longer serves you?  How do your thoughts hold you exactly where you are?  If you believe that you are the creator of your world rather than simply something that bends to its force, look around you and ask yourself, is this serving me?

People hold us in an image of what they believe us to be.  This makes changing our reality very challenging because they could be holding us in an old truth, something that is no longer accurate and yet we can’t quite get past it because its expected of us.  We do this to others as well.  What are the assumptions you make of others, even those you are the closest with.  Can you, rather than assuming they are going to be a certain way, allow them to respond in the best way possible for them? The best way to know how to reclaim the energy you have given to others is to first see where you are holding the energy of someone else. If you are able to stop holding someone in what you think they are, you give them their energy back and allow them to move forward.

When you have reclaimed yourself, you have more energy.  This energy helps fuel you to take good care of yourself, it can help you to learn how to tap into something greater.  That is when we are really able to be of service.  When we learn to tap into the inexhaustible resource that is the universe and simply treat others they way you want to be treated; to give and expect nothing.  A simple hello to a stranger, acknowledging someone living on the street, making your mother dinner, picking up litter or walking dogs from a shelter, these are all examples of how easy it is to be kind.  This limitless loving, care and kindness for someone proves there is no greater joy than sharing love.  There is nothing more freeing, more energizing then opening your heart.  Seeing someone just as they are, human, fallible, beautiful and worthy.  They are enough, they are deserving, and so are you.

(in conversations with Marduk)


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